Dealfeng New Energy Technology Ltd.

Competitive Price

The price of DEALFENG Flettner Rotors system is around 40%-50% of similar products in Europe. And we offer flexible payment plans for ship owners/operators. Lower prices offer shorter return cycle on investment.

Multiple Financial Options

In addition to the above payment plane also cooperate with several banks to provide customers with low-interest loan services. And Poseidon Principles is another positive financial factor.

Efficient Team

Our team is professional, highly educated and efficient. will complete the ship installation or refitting work faster and better according to various ship types.

Cooperation Shipyard

Dealfeng has good cooperative relationship with Tianjin Xingang Shipyard and Shanhaiguan Shipyard can provide timely and effective installation services.

Policy Superiority

EEDI/ EEXI / CII #EU ETS regulations require shipowners invest energy saving and emission reduction equipment on old or new ship.

Warranty Service

DEALFENG company offer 4 years warranty for rotors system.

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