JNE MARINE Ltd’s exclusive collaboration with Hydra Consult International

JNE Marine Ltd, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Hydra Consultant, a renowned marine engineering firm, to become the exclusive distributor of Framo pumps in Greece. The partnership will leverage JNE Marine's expertise in providing high-quality marine equipment solutions with Hydra Consultant's vast experience in the marine engineering industry to offer the best-in-class Framo pump products and services to customers in Greece.

Framo pumps are known for their reliability and efficiency in handling liquids, especially in demanding marine environments. With this exclusive partnership, JNE Marine and Hydra Consultant aim to provide a comprehensive range of Framo pumps, professional and less costly inspections on board, troubleshooting, piping prefabrication with accurate measurements and they can supply GENUINE and OEM spares with class certificates if required to be issued to our customers.

The partnership marks a significant milestone for JNE Marine and Hydra Consultant, who both have a strong reputation in the marine industry.

JNE Marine's CEO expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to partner with Hydra Consultant to bring Framo pumps to Greece. With our combined expertise, we are confident that we can provide unparalleled service and support to our customers." The partnership between JNE Marine Ltd and Hydra Consultant is expected to strengthen their market presence in Greece and contribute to the growth of the marine industry in the region.

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