Importance of Genuine Parts

…It is most important to;

1. operate machine safety

2. bring out effective performance


Difference between genuine parts and imitation parts


Genuine Parts

  • Design by original maker
  • Material chosen by maker
  • Quality guaranteed by maker

Imitation Parts

  • Just copy design
  • Cheap material
  • No quality guarantee at all
Are OEM Parts genuine parts?
Our answer is "NO" because there is no SJ OEM parts in world market.

What is "OEM"?

- Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company's end product.

Will vendors who manufacture MKK parts sell such parts to users directly?
Of course, MKK orders vendors to manufacturer some S parts.
But all venders supply all parts to MKK only.
No supply to others from our vendors -> "NO OEM" PARTS in world market.

Please note that All SJ parts in world market are supplied by MKK or via authorized MKK agents.

Origin of Samgong-Mitsubishi Selfjector
Samgong-Mitsubishi Selfjector is the brand name for oil purifiers manufactured by Samgong Co., Ltd.(Samgong), under the manufacturing license from Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, LTD. of Japan(MKK) to cater to the Korean Shipbuilding Industry and after sales service in Korea to Korean Ship owners and Managers.

After sales Service of Samgong-Mitsubishi Selfjectors
MKK Japan and our agents provide technical service and spare parts for Samgong- Mitsubishi Selfjector to all customers except Korean customers. Samgong and their agents give support to Korean ship owners and managers in Korea only.

That is, NO OEM SJ PARTS in World market.

If a supplyer's promotes as "SJ OEM parts".
it will mean "Imitation parts" with high possibility.

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