TOE Engineering was established in 1972 as a specialized of marine offshore recondition company since then, our main business have expanded to include overseas workshop facility as leading Japanese Marine Repair company.

Our success throughout all areas of Japan and Asian workshop facility which years of hands on experience in marine engine components who also builds confidence between the customer and ourselves to ensure that all runs well.

TOEI TECHNICAL SERVICE CO., LTD. is the subsidiary of TOEI ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Where located in Yokohama, They have a qualify of Supervisor especially Mitsubishi UEC, MAN Engine.

TOEI Japan was incorporated reconditioning industry both in domestic market in Japan as well as Overseas and has been performing highly specialized welding of tear of marine engines including land machineries, is acknowledged by customers as been highly reliable for their superior technological capabilities and new technological development abilities.

TOEI KOREA is the subsidiary company of TOEI ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. in Japan (TOEI(J)=70% shared) was incorporated in Korea on 2000.

GOLTENS TOEI SINGAPORE is the joint venture company of TOEI ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Japan (TOEI(J) = 50%shared) was incorporated in Singapore on 2018.

TOE ENGINEERING SHANGHAl is the agreement company of TOE ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Japan and SHANGHAI SINPO SOLUTIONS CO. LTD. in Shanghai on 2018.

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