JNE Marine Ltd moves to its new Premisses

JNE Marine Ltd moves to its new Premisses

JNE Marine Ltd is headed by Mr. Nikos Theodorou, His moto ‘’We do believe that we have the capacity and we are dedicated to rigidly support our clients.’’ JNE Marine Ltd is a well-rooted / established company in the Greek shipping market providing a wide range of products and services for more than 25 Years.

To mention a few:

  1. The exclusive representation of Japanese origin Mitsubishi MKK & Samgong licensee in the engineering field of centrifugal separators complemented by the rendering of maintenance/repair services via an authorised service hub located in Piraeus.
  2. Cygnus instruments Ltd., the leading UK company in Ultrasonic thickness gauges measurements, the original pioneer of the multiple echo technique measuring a wide range of steel materials applications and corrosion levels.
  3. the lightweight ultrasonic Hatch Leak detection system for testing the weather tightness of cargo hatch covers.
  4. The collaboration with Chinese origin Hatchtec Marine Service Ltd., on a project basis agreement, providing high quality spares and services for Deck machineries Hatch Covers, Grabs, Cranes , Winches & Windlass and lashing materials as well.

Furthermore JNE Marine Ltd., is specialized in the supply of specific engineering parts mainly from the Chinese , Korean and Japanese market covering the whole spectrum of engine room located machinery. In particular , cylinder liners, cylinder covers, piston crowns , piston skirts, for most of the common propulsion main engines, diesel engines, and consumable parts , spares for compressors and various types of pumps, vacuum, vacuumarator pumps, a wide range of valves, i.e butterfly valves, globe valves, safety valves, as well as panama chocks, bollards, chain stoppers, anchors & anchor chains. JNE Marine Ltd. over the years has persistently labored to build customer’s trust and establish an extensive portfolio averaged to 250 ship management and owning companies within 2022/reflected by a retention rate that exceeds 90%, in both the Greek & Cypriot market


JNE Marine Ltd.
137, Solonos str. (2nd Floor)
17675 Kallithea, Athens

Tel: +30 210 9532022
Tel: +30 210 9373888

Certified BURQA